OutBack Power Expands Radian Family to Extend Value for Customers Across Global Markets

OutBack Power Technologies, Inc., a designer and manufacturer of advanced power electronics for renewable energy, backup power and mobile applications, has announced the grid-interactive Radian Series GS4048A and the GS3548E Inverter/Chargers, which give qualified installers the ability to suit residential, industrial and commercial off-grid and grid connected applications throughout the wreorld. Expanding the range of the already successful GS8048 and GS7048E 8kW and 7 kW Radian series family, the 4 kW and 3.5 kW inverters deliver power, value and flexibility to installers, and enable end users to reduce costs and increase reliability through grid-interactive renewable energy systems. The newest Radian sizes address installer needs to suit varying voltage standards and electrical load requirements in emerging countries, and provide advanced grid management options for those regions which may not support full grid-interactive operation.

OutBack Power’s grid-interactive technologies offset utility costs when the grid is up and deliver reliable power when utilities are down. The Radian Series GS4048A and GS3548E give distributors the ability to stock two inverter/charger models and give installers the ability to power grid-interactive and off-grid systems in North, South and Central America, as well as in the Caribbean and in Japan. Installers choose the appropriate voltage, frequency and grid interface protection parameters for the particular market, and then use OutBack Power’s configuration wizard to program the devices accordingly. Both models support AC coupling through a compatible OutBack Power load center to provide an economical solution for upgrading or retrofitting existing grid-tied systems for battery backup capability.

The Radian series’ GS4048A and GS3548E dual AC inputs enable customers to sell power back to the local utility from one input with easy, coordinated integration of a generator for backup charging. In this way, users get both the payback of net metering where it’s available and the assurance of near-infinite run time in the event of a natural disaster. The Radians also offer advanced battery support, so installers working with lithium-ion, flow batteries and other new and emerging technologies, as well as traditional lead acid batteries, can optimize systems to leverage their specific energy storage capabilities.