Coin Cell Surface Mounting Battery Holder Selection Kits

December 5, 2017 | Product Brief | Memory Protection Devices has introduced a new development kit of surface mounting coin cell battery holders, including five pieces of each type. The kit’s battery holders, retainers and gliders offers a wide diversity of the most popular sizes 10 mm to 24 mm diameters and can accommodate various shapes and requirements. With 100 pieces of multiple design choices for mounting common coin cell batteries included, this kit is a useful tool for any designer.

Coin Cell Battery Holders
Lithium coin cell holders in new designs have advanced battery holder technologies and are widely used in thousands of everyday products. Lithium coin cell holders for 12 mm, 16 mm and 20 mm diameter batteries are included.
MPD P/N’s: BC501SM, BHSD-1225-SM & BHSD-1225-COVER,
BU1632SM-JJ-GTR, BC2032-F1, BHSD-2032-SM, BHSD-2032-COVER and BU2032SM-BT-G.

Gliders are MPD’s hybrid between a retainer and a holder, offering the price competitiveness of a coin cell retainer, while at the same time offering a  reliable connection. Once the battery has been installed into the tray, it simply glides into the retainer and the tray locks into place. The surface mounting positive contact allows designers to place the battery directly on the surface of the pcb to reduce overall height. Both 20 mm and 24 mm diameter sets are included in the kit.
P/N’s BHX1-2032-SM, BRX1-2450-SM and BHX1-0002.

This kit includes ten variations of ultra low profile retainers accepting cells from 10 mm to 24 mm diameter. Retainers are surface mounting positive contacts that place a lithium battery directly on a pcb pad to save height. Additionally no tool is needed for battery removal and replacement of standard lithium coin cell batteries.
P/N’s BK-870, BK-885, BK-868, BK-5067, BK-883, BK-912 and BK-877.
Lithium Battery Retainer Strap: P/N BC-2003.