Winter 2016

Q&A with Inventus Power CEO Pat Trippel
Battery Powers Senior Editor, Shannon Given, had the opportunity to interview Pat Trippel, the recently announced CEO of Inventus Power. Inventus Power is the is the largest vertically integrated power systems manufacturer in the US and produces custom battery solutions for medical, military, commercial and consumer markets in nine countries across the globe.

Battery Diagnostics On-the-Fly: Removing the Black-Box Stigma by Making Performance Transparent
Isidor Buchmann, CEO & Founder, Cadex Electronics, Inc.
Battery users imagine a battery pack being an energy storage device that resembles a fuel tank dispensing liquid fuel. For simplicity reasons, a battery can indeed be perceived as a vessel storing electrical energy; however, measuring energy flowing into an electrochemical device and then drawing it out again is far more complex than handling liquid fuel.

Improve Tab to Terminal Connections in Battery Pack Manufacturing
Geoff Shannon, Amada Miyachi America, Inc.
Battery packs have become an integral part of everyday life, powering a growing range of portable electronic devices, cordless power tools, energy storage and hybrid and electric vehicles. Tab to terminal connection welding is one of the key battery pack manufacturing applications.

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