January 2014

  • When Rubber Stamping is Not Enough – How to Make Batteries in Critical Devices More Reliable
  • Global Lithium Battery Industry Faces Multiple Regulatory Tests in 2014
  • Register Now for the Battcon Stationary Battery Conference
  • Lithium Ion Battery Charger for Electric Vehicles
  • Porous Power Enhances Safety, Cycle Life and Performance of Lithium-Ion Batteries with New Type of Ceramic Separator
  • 2.5A Monolithic Active Cell Balancer with Telemetry Interface
  • Simultaneous Two-Bay Charger for Smart Bus Batteries
  • NREL Model Licensed to Improve Accuracy of Battery Simulations
  • Saft Signs Multi-Million Euro Energy Storage Contract for La Réunion Island
  • Sol Chip and Tadiran to Collaborate on Solar Battery Development
  • Purdue University Project Aims to Mass-Produce ‘Nanopetals’ for Sensors, Batteries

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