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Chen Tech Electric (CTE) is the worldwide battery test expert, and focuses on producing precise, reliable, and affordable battery test equipment. In the past 30 years, we’ve shipped more than 300,000 test channels to more than 300 worldwide clients, including many top battery manufacturers and certification companies.

Headquarter located in Taipei, Taiwan, CTE also has branch offices in Japan and China, and sales representatives in USA, Korea, Thailand, and Bangladesh. In addition, our USA service center has been established in 2016 to provide more instant help to growing USA clients.

Core Competence
CTE promises to provide high performance and made-in-Taiwan battery test equipment to worldwide clients, with reasonable cost. Moreover, we are happy to customize for our clients, and help them get best use of our equipment.

Product Series
To meet various test requirements from our clients, CTE offers comprehensive battery test solutions:

Eco-Friendly, High Power EV Battery Test Equipment PBT 1000

  • Up to 500kW, 1000V, 1000A output capacity
  • Discharge energy recycling feature with efficiency up to 95%
  • Customized test patterns that fully support EV battery test requirements

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Rapid and Precise Used EV Battery SOH Evaluation

  • Evaluation results received in <30 seconds, with <10% error
  • Multi-indicator evaluation algorithm, adjustable for different battery types

High Precision, Customizable Multi-range Battery Test Equipment BT 1000

  • 0.02% F.S. output and measurement accuracy; up to 1ms data recording time
  • 4 current ranges, customizable according to your testing requirements
  • Independent modulized design, allowing both one channel and muiti-channel operations, provides high mobility for battery test

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Economic Battery Cycler MCF Lite

  • 0.075% F.S. voltage output/measurement accuracy; 0.06% F.S. current output/measurement accuracy
  • Satisfying performance, affordable cost
  • Good for long-term battery cycle test

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Other Highlight Products:

New Generation Advanced Battery Test Equipment MCL2

New Generation Portable Battery Test Equipment MCL2 Mini

Chamber Integrated Battery Test Equipment ABT 1000

Lead-acid Battery Test Equipment MCT-18B/18M Series

Eco Series: Lead-acid Battery Formation Equipment MCE S Series 

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