January 2015

  • Compact Batteries Enhanced By Spontaneous Silver Matrix Formations
  • Alber Delivers the Battery Monitoring Solutions You Need
  • Keystone High Current, “True” Zero Ohm SMT Jumpers
  • Toshiba Launches 12-Watt Receiver IC For Fast Wireless Charging Of Tablet Devices
  • Johnson Controls Unveils Battery System for Advanced Start-Stop Vehicles
  • UL Event in D.C. Puts Battery Safety in Perspective
  • Fuji Pigment Unveils Aluminium-Air Battery Rechargeable by Refilling Salty or Normal Water
  • Former Bren-Tronics Energy Systems Plant Assets to be Auctioned January 22
  • C&D Technologies Announces Divestiture of Integrated Power Systems and Strategic Alliance with Unipower

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