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Leading battery & capacitor manufacturers rely on Sonobond’s ultrasonic metal welders to produce precise, environmentally-friendly, high performance foil-to-foil, -tab and -terminal welds; battery pouches & HV terminations. They’re ideal for Lithium-Ion, Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery assembly.

Sonobond invented ultrasonic metal welding in 1960, and our welders, made in the USA, use our patented Wedge-Reed System, which is essential for producing strong, solid-state, highly conductive welds without metallurgical defects. We also developed the first ultrasonic welder to join up to 100 layers of copper or aluminum foils as thin as seven microns, and in just one pulse.

We offer no cost/no obligation sample welds made with your specific materials so you can see the results before you buy.