SF Motors to Acquire EV Battery Module Startup InEVit

October 19, 2017 | News Brief | SF Motors, a Silicon Valley electric vehicle (EV) company, has announced the acquisition of InEVit Inc., an electric vehicle (EV) battery modularization startup headed by former Tesla CEO, Martin Eberhard. The company has developed and patented a unique EV chassis architecture, battery module design innovations and manufacturing techniques that will allow the EV industry to rapidly scale manufacturing of cost-and-feature-competitive vehicles. The pre-revenue company will become a wholly owned subsidiary of SF Motors, and will continue to market and license its innovations to competitive vehicle OEMs.

Eberhard had previously worked with SF Motors as a key strategic advisor, and will now serve as Chief Innovation Officer and Vice Chairman of SF Motors’ Board when he joins the company. In this new role, Eberhard will primarily focus on technology innovation, product development, product positioning and branding, all with the goal of helping SF Motors meet global EV demands. InEVit’s expertise, patented technologies and manufacturing techniques will be leveraged to help SF Motors rapidly and profitably scale e-powertrain production for its own future products, and will look to license this technology to other automakers to help speed zero emission vehicle proliferation across the industry.

Other key members of the InEVit leadership team will join SF Motors in senior roles. Heiner Fees will now serve on the SF Motors Innovation Committee and continue as Managing Director of InEVit GmbH, while company CEO Mike Miskovsky will become SF Motors’ Chief Development Officer while also retaining his prior title at InEVit.InEVit has been working on a chemistry- and form-factor-agnostic battery module design that has led to key breakthroughs in energy density, manufacturing, serviceability and safety for its OEM partners. With this merger, SF Motors aims to further increase its investment in the development of e-powertrain systems and broaden its licensing and supply relationships with global OEM customers.